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The past two and a half years have been trying for us all to say the least, many of us have taken stock and decided where and what we want to do next with our lives. For me buying my motorhome was a must, and now here I am on the road, what a Journey! I can't possibly retire yet, so I have created TownCryer.NZ to help and support inspiring and great Kiwis that I meet along the way with their chosen journey. 

To find out more about me you can click hereor keep an eye out for HEARYE on the road, Louis and I might be in a town near you and would love to catch up, and if by any chance you're travelling behind us right now, call and say, "Hi Lynda, yes we're right behind you!" It's true, in life it is the small things that count. 

Look forward to meeting you, take care and have a Great Day!

Warmest regards Lynda & Louis
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Kiwis Supporting Kiwis


You name it, how can I help?


  • So many lives, homes, bridges, livelihoods, pets, live stock and food GONE! Hawkes Bay is BROKEN and will be for sometime. A tragedy. I come from Hawkes Bay and I find it heart breaking. Sending love and prayers to everyone. Link to how you can help. https://msftproductions.net/hawkes-bay-helping?fbclid=IwAR1Q6iZ_j33N56NwFhkrlV4RFFxsg5nET09rM62IV6lT1ARE7xmetb9v_rA
    Posted: Sunday 19 February 2023
  • My Girl
    Her name has evolved since we have been on the road, and love it! Feels very right to call my 2015 Burstner motorhome, MY GIRL.
    Posted: Tuesday 24 January 2023
  • It's a tough life on the road!
    I could not have wished for a better travelling companion, Louis, British Short Haired Silver, the perfect cat! Louis is 6 years old and has adapted overnight to being the perfect traveller, in his favour is that they are bred as indoor cats hence why I never let him out as a kitten until he was 8 months old as they are frightened of the unknown. Both ways he has taken to his new life like a duck to water, so Blessed! xox
    Posted: Sunday 4 December 2022


Cambridge Wellbeing Retreat


New Zealand’s only live-in weight loss, health and wellness retreats near Cambridge in the Waikato. 

Resolution Retreats proudly voted New Zealand’s Best Wellness Retreat.

We have designed our programmes based on research and experience in bringing diet, exercise, treatments, therapies, therapists and education together in such a way that gives our guests the best results and the greatest opportunity to improve their lives.



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